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Selling Out Scotland – Why The Highest Natural Designation is Worthless


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I have recently seen “You’ve Been Trumped” which follows the story of the golf development at Menie. The land this golf course was built on was originally a site of special scientific interest – the highest protection available to such a site. The land was sold (not sure how that could happen in the first place) and the local planning authority turned down the application for a golf course, hotel and housing site. However, Alex Salmond called in the planning application which meant the decision on whether to allow this application would be made by the Scottish Government and not the local authority. This had never been done before, it was unprecedented. Read the rest of this entry »

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Would You Like a Security Pass to Access Your Own Home?

Susan Munro, who has the misfortune to live beside the Trump Development at Balmenie in Aberdeenshire has been informed by one of the Trump employees that she will be issued with a special security pass. This is not to access the golf course development but her own home.

Susan has regularly been followed by the golf course security landrovers. In the documentary film “Tripping up Trump” they were regularly spotted in the area where Susan lives. There has also been pictures of Facebook of security personnel sitting outside the residents houses – actively guarding such items as trees and fences.

So where is Aberdeenshire Constabulary dealing with this issue of harassment? Having had to deal with electricity being cut off and regular interrruptions to their water supply this latest episode is insulting to the residents to say the least.

A picture in the Scottish Sun shows a large earth bank built up beside Susan Munro’s house – clearly with no purpose other than to intimidate. Surely this is a breach of planning?

So why is such an organisation allowed to treat people like this? I wondered that when Donald Trump attended the committee hearing on renewable energy where he spoke about the impact of windfarms. On what basis was he there – an expert? If he was just there as someone who was affected by them then I am sure there are plenty of Scottish people who would like to have a talk to the people in Holyrood so why was an American invited along? The only conclusion you can draw is that he was invited because he’s got money which seems to equal influence. The Scottish Government and Aberdeen Council should be ashamed of the way they have let the residents of Balmenie down.

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It’s A Bit Ironic Isn’t It?

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland

A group campaigning against wind turbines recently took out a full page advert in the Press and Journal. It shows a row of wind turbines with the following wording underneath;

Alex Salmond wants to build 8,750 of these montrosities – just think about it!” Read the rest of this entry »

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