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How To Really Annoy Your Customers – A Lesson From Easyjet

I hate flying at the best of times – but it’s not the actual flying I dislike it’s all the other stuff, the herding, the instructions etc.

On a recent trip I was flying from Inverness to Luton to I was travelling by Easyjet. The plane was flying up from Luton and looking out of the windows I could clearly see there was no Easyjet plane waiting so there was no point rushing through security at the first boarding announcement. I checked the arrival time of the plane coming in, it was a bit late so I enjoyed my coffee and headed through to the departure lounge. It was jam packed and very hot as it always is on a sunny day. There still was no plane despite all the passengers being called through – infact the plane arriving from Luton arrived 20 minutes late.

This did not stop the staff calling everyone¬† forward for boarding – yes – despite there being no plane to board. This not only included Speedy Boarders, who take priority over those with access issues and childrens by the way, but everyone. I don’t do queues, not under any circumstances that I can avoid so I sat and watched, and watched. Infact I watched people patiently queueing in hot conditions for 15 minutes – they went nowhere during that time as the plane didn’t land until after they had started queueing and then of course all the arriving passengers had to get off.

So by now the flight is boarding after the time we were supposed to have taken off – not a huge issue but no explanation or apology was given. I then boarded the plane to endure 40 minutes of sales and advertising. Did I want a drink? Did I want some perfume, make up, duty free things? Did I want some rail tickets? Did I want a hire car? No – I wanted none of the above – I wanted a nice flight where I could relax. I didn’t buy a drink in protest at the pressure.

Aggressive sales tactics may work for some organisations and the fact that the sales audience is trapped in a metal tube whilst you have control of the microphone might sound ideal. I wonder how many of the customers it actually turns off rather than turns on.

Needless to say when I arrived in Luton I was not a happy bunny and when I took my flight back at 7am and got the same sales messages throughout the flight I was even less happy. The good service provided by the crew was spoiled by them having to push for sales – I would rather pay a couple of quid more for my flight and be able to enjoy it in peace please Easyjet.

Easyjet plane at Luton airport.


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