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Government Dealing With Key Issues – Like Staffrooms for Teachers!



Wasn’t it fairly recently I heard politicians saying they were going to focus on the economy and not get sucked into side issues – the economy needed to be their focus. Sounds great but what a shame they aren’t actually doing it. Here is just another example of some of the minutae that the Government is mucking about with – they have decided that teachers should no longer have the automatic right to a staff room at a school.

What are teachers supposed to do for a break? Sit in the canteen with the kids? Eat their lunch in the car? As many organisations will know it is often in these “informal” gatherings that ideas are discussed, frustrations vented, new approaches are formed. Surely it’s better for a teacher to share some frustration with fellow teachers and maybe get some suggestions about how to deal with the situation than to get themselves in a right muddle in the classroom?

Is this the start of the removal of all staff rooms? Will we see staff rooms being removed in hospitals, police stations, fire stations for example?

Given that the Government should be focussed on the economy this seems one thing they should just leave well alone.

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